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Simple and efficient business processes increase the competitiveness of all organisations. The Bundesbeschaffung (Austrian Federal Procurement Agency, BBG) provides its customers and suppliers with various options for the electronic transmission of invoices.


As a supplier, you can choose the optimal solution for you: If you have only a few invoices, we recommend the invoicing form in our e-shop. This convenient option automatically incorporates the necessary information from e-shop orders.

If you have a large number of invoices, our e-invoice gateway can be used to transfer data directly and automatically from your ERP system. The BBG provides an interface for all formats in the Federal Procurement Act 2018 and EU Directive 2014/55/EU, and in addition, other common e-invoicing formats, such as ebInterface can be introduced.

As a customer, you can choose how you would like to receive your invoice.

The most frequently chosen option is currently "as PDF document by email", but more and more customers are appreciating the advantages of a direct connection via one of our interfaces.


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