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Comprehensive and integrated solutions for your individual procurement process.

E-procurement includes electronic support for the entire procurement process. Our e-procurement tools can be integrated into your systems and workflows, and will support you throughout the entire contract term.

Optimising procurement cycles and reducing process costs: These are the challenges we face on a daily basis as a procurement service provider for the public sector. Once operational processes have been automated, you can focus on your core tasks. We offer the following tools and features for this purpose:



Easy and clearly organised purchasing in our e-shop is a given. A multitude of enhancements turns our e-shop into an extensive purchasing portal.

  • Controlling:
    All transactions can be evaluated via the system, as extensive monitoring functions are available.
  • Contract Management:
    Turn your e-shop into a one-stop shop by managing your own contracts.
  • Interfaces (ERP system interfaces)
    Procurement processes involving ERP systems are as individual as the organisations using them. Whether you would like to use SAP or the e-shop as your leading system, we offer different alternatives for integration.


Electronic contract awarding is now mandatory. The BBG has already been fulfilling this requirement for a long time. Take advantage of our experience and continue to place your trust in your procurement service provider! You can also use our service partner’s (Administration Intelligence AG) standard e-procurement workflow - ask for a suitable offer.

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Our innovative solutions and integrated tools will support you in the execution of your processes!