The BBG is 100% owned by the federal government.
Shareholder is the Republic of Austria, represented by the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Supervisory Board


  • Director General Mag. Dr. Angelika Schätz

Deputy Chairwoman:

  • Hon.-Prof. Dr. Irene Welser


  • Mag. Silvia Christine Feßl
  • Director General Mag. Florian Frauscher, MLS

Managing Directors

Foto: Martin Ledolter

   Martin S. Ledolter

   Managing Director
   E-Mail: geschaeftsfuehrung(at)


Foto: Gerhard Zotter

   Gerhard Zotter

   Managing Director 
   E-Mail: geschaeftsfuehrung(at)


Authorized Officer

Foto: Anton Stoschka

   Anton Stoschka

   Authorized Officer
   E-Mail: anton.stoschka(at)


Foto: Wolfgang Pointner

   Wolfgang Pointner
   Authorized Officer & Legal Department 
   E-Mail: wolfgang.pointner(at)


Division Management

Foto: Katja Kapfer

   Katja Kapfer

   Information & Technology Management
   E-Mail: katja.kapfer(at)


Foto: Jürgen Jonke

   Jürgen Jonke

   Strategic Procurement 
   E-Mail: juergen.jonke(at)


Foto: Wolfgang Pointner

   Wolfgang Pointner
   Legal Department 
   E-Mail: wolfgang.pointner(at)


Foto: Barbara Pinter

   Barbara Pinter

   Finance, Controlling and
   Central Risk Management
   E-Mail: barbara.pinter(at)


Foto: Jürgen Unger

   Jürgen Unger

   Procurement & Customer Management 
   E-Mail: juergen.unger(at)


Foto: Stefan Wurm

   Stefan Wurm

   Marketing & Communications
   E-Mail: stefan.wurm(at)


Foto: Uwe Flach

   Uwe Flach

   Consulting, E-procurement & 
   International Affairs
   E-Mail: uwe.flach(at)                   


Department Management

Foto: Tamara Bailey

   Tamara Bailey

   Human Resources & Organisational
   E-Mail: tamara.bailey(at)


Foto: Herwig Rauscher

   Herwig Rauscher
   Strategic Purchasing ICT& Consulting
   E-Mail: herwig.rauscher(at)


Foto: Werner Dickinger

   Werner Dickinger

   Head of Sales 


Foto: Stefan Maier

   Stefan Maier

   PPPI Service Center
   E-Mail: stefan.maier(at)   


Foto: Andrea Stossfellner

   Andrea Stossfellner

   Strategic Procurement Mobility & Energy
   E-Mail: andrea.stossfellner(at)


Foto: Johannes Feierfeil

   Johannes Feierfeil
   Strategic Procurement Health
   E-Mail: johannes.feierfeil(at)


Foto: Alexander Buchinger

   Bernhard Misak

   Information & Technology Management
   E-Mail: bernhard.misak(at)


Foto: Barbara Zirbs

   Barbara Zirbs

   Tendering Management  
   E-Mail: barbara.zirbs(at)


Foto: Markus Holly

   Markus Holly

   Strategic Procurement Facilities &
   Working Environments 
   E-Mail: markus.holly(at)


Foto: Bernhard Misak

   Alexander Buchinger

   Contract & Quality Management
   E-Mail: alexander.buchinger(at)


Program Management

Foto: Gerhard Weiner

   Gerhard Weiner
   Sustainable Public Procurement Platform
   E-Mail: gerhard.weiner(at)