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In BBG’s five competence centres, experts from different procurement areas combine their know-how and work together on relevant procurement topics. These include logistics, quality assurance, Total Cost of Ownership, e-Shop ordering as well as sustainability, innovation, regionality and SMEs.


Competence Centre Logistics

Logistic costs can often make up a large proportion of the price of a product or service. In return, a well-planned supply chain has a positive effect on the price. The competence centre examines the logistics costs closely and develops strategies for optimising them.

For further information, please contact: Manfred Probst


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Competence Centre TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

The aim of this competence centre is to record all cost drivers, also those that may arise after the official end of a framework agreement, such as disposal or dismantling. For this reason, the Total Cost of Ownership is evaluated and taken into account while designing the tender. Thereby we are able to offer our customers the most cost-effective procurement options.

For further information, please contact: Karin Rauschal


Competence Centre Quality Assurance

We impose high standards not only on our tender documents, but also on the quality of products and services. Effective quality management lowers costs and minimizes existing procurement risks. Relevant quality factors and quality control measures are defined.

For further information, please contact: Albert Schieg


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Competence Centre Sociopolitical Procurement Goals

Promoting SMEs, regionality, sustainability and innovation are sociopolitical procurement goals of the BBG. Every tendering procedure is analysed to ensure these goals are taken into account in the best possible way.

For further information please contact: Markus Hof


Competence Centre e-Shop

We want to ensure the best possible shopping experience for our customers. By determining the modalities for content design and processing of the call-offs before even publishing a tender, we enable users to place orders in the BBG e-Shop with just a few clicks. What content do our customers really benefit from? What kind of information will customers and the BBG need from possible future suppliers? These are some of the questions from the daily business at the competence center e-Shop.

More information about the e-Shop


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Andrea Stossfellner

Andrea Stossfellner, Head of Strategic Purchasing Mobility & Energy, Coordination Competence Centres is available for your questions about our competence centers.

Email: andrea.stossfellner(at)


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