European competency framework for public procurement professionals online

The EU Commission published the "European Competency Framework for Public Procurement Professionals" on December 16th, which is a milestone in the EU agenda to professionalise public procurement. The BBG has actively participated in the Advisory Board as well as in the finalisation of the tools of the framework. The competence model presented serves as a reference and basis for the BBG's internal "BBG Public Procurement Academy" as well as for EU projects which BBG implements in the field of professionalisation in public procurement.

ProcurCompEU is a tool designed by the European Commission to support the professionalisation of public procurement. By defining 30 key competences, it provides a common reference for public procurement professionals in the European Union and beyond. It recognizes and supports public procurement as a strategic function that delivers public investment for sustainable growth.

ProcurCompEU helps organisations to build the teams of professionals they need to reach their strategic investment goals and to encourage careers in procurement. It helps individual public procurement professionals valorise their competences, and facilitates training and professional development. It also helps training providers to build the appropriate training programmes.


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