The BBG is a strong project partner

The BBG is currently involved as the project manager for a so-called European “Twinning Project“ with the title "Strengthening public procurement in Georgia". The BBG and its project partner, the Slovenian National Review Commission for Public Procurement, were able to successfully advocate for their concept in a competitive procedure of the European Commission.

This Twinning project aims, together with the Georgian State Procurement Agency, to further develop the Georgian public procurement system towards meeting EU standards in terms of transparency, non-discrimination, and competitiveness.

Their focus is on three issues. First, the transposition of EU legislation into Georgian national procurement law. Second, the advancement of qualifications and competencies of stakeholders in public procurement. Thirdly, the establishment of an independent auditing body for public procurement.

Most recently, a media event was held in Georgia from 17 to 18 May 2019. Interested journalists were invited to receive information about the project, and public procurement in Georgia and the European Union in general, over two days. Representatives from TV, radio, and internet media saw presentations on topics including European best practice campaigns, and discussed current issues concerning media reporting on public procurement.

Uwe Flach, Head of Consulting, E-Procurement, and International Affairs, and Stefan Wurm, Head of Marketing and Communication, represented the BBG on-site. After the event, Uwe Flach emphasised that "The EU supports the establishment of central public procurement organisations. The advantages such as the further professionalization of public procurement, resulting improved price-performance ratios for goods and services, and an expansion of competitive markets, will be demonstrated by the further development of the central public procurement system in Georgia".

Stefan Wurm pointed out the necessity for all stakeholders in the field of "International examples of reporting on public procurement to show that all stakeholders, including the media, can contribute to improving the functioning and trust of public procurement".

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Uwe Flach (Head of Consulting, E-Procurement & International Affairs) & Stefan Wurm (Head of Marketing & Communications)
Ana Chania (Head of Analytical Departement SPA)
Irakli Goletiani (Moderator)