Innovation in light


Airports face an extremely high need of illumination, which can‘t be reduced due to security reasons. It is thus crucial to find ways of maintaining the level of illumination while reducing the energy consumption as well as a low switching rate. At the moment, fluorescent tubes seem to be the most preferable alternative. However, the current market of high efficient fluorescent tubes and other new technologies in lightening (LED and others) is often not very transparent for procurers. Many suppliers offer different systems but most of the public procurers are sceptical about these offers. The main problem of widespread fluorescent tube systems is the installation costs. Nobody wants to change luminaries except within the context of a total reconstruction. So it has to be a solution where you just have to change the tubes into the same installation as before. The new product combines all these advantages and could create a new standard on the Internal Market or at least change the way public sector uses public applications 


The product which we are searching for shall bring a better energy performance for light sources and shall be significantly better than the old ones (e.g. switching rates). The common procurement shall offset the additional risks and costs for the lighting test street, legal advices by using an innovative tender procedure. By using more efficient lightening systems it is planned to reduce the energy consumption between 10 and 12 per cent compared to the old “state of the art” products.