INSPIRE International Network Supporting Procurement of Innovation via Ressources and Education

The INSPIRE EU-network brings together experts and procurers  interested in developing and implementing innovative procurements in the eHealth Active Aging and Independent Living areas.

The EU FP7 funded INSPIRE (International Network Supporting Procurement of Innovation via Resources and Education) -project  presents an outstanding effort to create practical impact on the use of Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP)  instrument and  to strengthen forward looking procurement strategies in the domains of eHealth, Active Aging and Independent Living in partner Regions.

Learnings will also be shared with other EU actors through an electronic platform where e.g. key analysis, PCP templates and webinars will be stored for future use.

INSPIRE will aim at:

  • Creating a sector-specific network of Contracting Authorities to foster demand for innovation. Focus will be on sharing and disseminating evidence on innovation procurement practices from European projects.

  • Facilitating the implementation and supporting the use of new technologies and ICT-based services, through evidence based service – and business model thinking.

  • Linking innovation procurement and venture capital activities. R&D&I activities often phase difficulties in attracting sufficient external finance in an adequate timeframe especially in the prototype and commercialization phase. Linking PCP with Venture Capital can provide the missing boost to complete the Innovation chain in a manner which secures also the Business case.

The Lead Partners behind the INSPIRE initiative represent some of the most experienced PCP experts and PCP/PPI practitioners currently operating in the health space in Europe.

The INSPIRE –project is carried out in a two year time frame between October 2013 – October 2015.

The project is coordinated by a Finnish management consulting firm Nordic Healthcare Group. Other partners include; BITECIC Ltd, consultancy specialized in healthcare innovation management (UK), Catalan Agency for Health Information, Assesment and Quality (Spain), The European House Ambrosetti , consultancy specialized in innovation procurement strategies (Italy) and two Centralized public procurement Agencies :  Resah (Paris, France) and Bundesbeschaffung BBG (Wien, Austria).

For further information please contact Maria Stix and visit the INSPIRE webpage: