Participation in projects and expert groups.

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Participation in projects and expert groups

The BBG participates on quite a number of national and international projects and expert groups, where we exchange and transfer knowledge. On national level we are member of the Austrian ICT-board, tracing the main target to define a standardised and sustainable ICT-strategy for the republic of Austria, concerning also international activities. We also cooperate with national an international standardisation bodies, like e.g. Önorm, DIN, CEN.

Our sustainable international activity is the participation in the EU-project "Peppol". The Peppol project is expected to facilitate and promote e-business between public entities and suppliers across Europe. Austria is participating in this initiative with the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), the Federal Procurement Agency (BBG) and the Federal Computing Centre (BRZ). The long-run and broader vision of Peppol is that any company (incl. small- and medium-sized companies) in the EU can communicate electronically with any EU governmental institution for all procurement processes. The BBG has the lead in the e-Ordering (work package 4) and participates in e-Catalogue (work package 3).

The BBG is leading member of the international project Peppol