Main tasks and goals

According to the Federal Procurement Agency Act (“BB-GmbH-Gesetz”) the main tasks of the BBG are:

  • Needs analysis: Bundling needs for federal authorities
  • Organise public tenders and establish frame contracts
  • Organise public tenders on special request for public entities
  • Up to date documentation (catalogue management) regarding concluded contracts, goods and services
  • Defining purchasing strategies, developing purchasing marketing (market research, supplier analysis etc.)
  • Implementation of standards and specifications
  • Procurement Controlling

The BBG has to respect the regulations of the Austrian Federal Procurement Law (“Bundesvergabegesetz”) in accordance to the rules and regulations of the European Union. Goods and services to be procured by the BBG are determined in a regulation and an amendment enacted by the Ministry of Finance. Some examples of products procured by the BBG: energy, fuels, transport, information technology (Hardware, Software), newspapers, books, insurance cleaning.

The Federal Procurement Agency is a company for public procurement, dedicated to purchasing via innovative channels nearly all kinds of goods and services mainly for the State of Austria, but also for regional or local authorities, bodies governed by public law and associations formed by one or several of such authorities or bodies.

The BBG is therefore focused on the following goals:

  • Rationalization of purchasing decisions by standardizing and consolidating demands
  • Promotion of e-commerce
  • Diffusion of e-procurement-tools such as the e-Shop of the BBG concerning the execution of contracts
  • Simplification of internal procurement procedures

104 Employees conduct the central procurement for the austrian administration.