Facts & figures about the BBG.

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Facts & figures about the BBG

  • The BBG currently holds 1932 contracts in 12 product families.
  • 2223 customer agreements: 1646 with provinces and townships, 391 with outsourced companies, 95 health organisations, 73 universities
  • Every year the customers are asked about their satisfaction with the BBG. In 2017, the customers rated the FPA with a note of 1.56 (1 = best mark, 5 = worst mark).
  • 2017 the procurement volume reached 1,43 Billion Euro.
  • 2017 the savings by procurements through the FPA were 310 Millions Euro.
  • In 2017 the FPA executed 195 tendering procedures, of which only two was set as invalid by the Federal Public Procurement Office.
  • Most of the tendering procedures are scheduled by NUTS-3-regions that ease the participation for small and medium-sized companies. In 2017 about 52 percent of the tenderer were small and medium-sized companies.