The BBG as leading expert for public procurement.

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The BBG as leading expert for public procurement

The BBG is the leading expert for all concerns on public procurement in Austria. It is involved regularly in national and international studies and expert groups.

The web-page is not only providing all relevant information on all intended biddings and available contracts of the BBG, it offers an smart overview of all legal developments on national and international level.

The BBG provides a newsletter, published every six weeks, containing all information on intended biddings (with focus on those where co-operation of the customers is necessary) and recently concluded contracts.

BBG Forum - weekly events

Since 2009 the BBG offers a weekly program of events under the label "BBG Forum" ( It offers a wide range of events as:

  • Seminars on procurement law, the purchasing process and the usage of electronic e-procurement-tools.
  • Presentations of recently concluded contracts and info days, presenting the whole range of available products of a division of the BBG.
  • Dialogues of experts on hot spots associated with public procurement.

The BBG is in permanently contact with its main contact persons at all of its customers. Besides "main coordinators" the federal ministries nominate also assisting coordinators for each branch. The coordinators are involved at the preparation of biddings and at the final award of the tender. Once a year the BBG organizes workshops for these coordinators to discuss the main points of their cooperation.

As a centralised procurement agency we have to supply customers with contracts. By doing that the sales and marketing department acquires customers with interest in our e-procurement-solutions. Customers can use the system to call goods and services out of BBG contracts or they use it for their own needs, which we call system hosting (housing). These kinds of services and also the integration in their back end systems is part of our consulting services. The software is not open source, neither are our services for free, but we just charge a cost-covering compensation, with no additional profit margin.

The FPA Forum offers a dense program of events: seminars, infodays, events as presentations, dialogues of experts