Pathfinder at electronic procurement.

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Pathfinder at electronic procurement

Electronic ordering via e-Shop

Beside the savings by bundling and standardising needs the BBG also achieves tremendous savings in processing costs: Customers can order goods and services electronically via e-procurement-applications.

The managed infrastructure "e-Shop" is an e-procurement-solution that allows customers of the BBG to call off from electronic framework agreements and contracts. The purchasing process – from raising a purchase requisition, approval workflows, completing the purchase order to dispatching the PO to the vendor – is covered within the e-Shop. Main results comprising the e-Shop:

  • The e-Shop simplifies and speeds up the internal processes by using flexible, customer-orientated electronic workflows.
  • It improves the quality of business process documentation for users and their organisations:
  • The e-Shop brings an improvement of the BBG-Service-Architecture. Standardized interfaces enable integration in several ERP-systems on buyer and supplier side.
  • The system provides better information for customers about the product assortment covered by BBG-contracts.
  • As an "one-stop-shop" the e-Shop represents one face to the customer. In the past the customer had to handle several different supplier shops and with the increasing number of contracts - around 650 so far - supplier shops would not be practical anymore
  • The system achieves processing costs savings.
  • The implementation of e-Shop is not only a change of a tool, it also influences the work in the public administration and brings better regulations for procurement processes.
  • All information is transparent and traceable at any time in the purchasing process to any stakeholder involved.
  • The e-Shop makes suppliers "e-fit". It provides a platform to create  approved e-catalogues and handles in particular the subject of small- and medium-sized companies, who are often not aware of these technologies.
  • It establishes a reporting and evaluation module for the fulfilment of a procurement controlling in the case of the BBG.
  • The e-Shop is an outstanding and unique project on European level so far, what is also demonstrated by its figures.

Facts & figures about the e-Shop

  • 11.700 users
  • The shop contains more than 2,2 million items from about 1932 contracts with different suppliers in 12 product families.

Online booking tool e-Reisen

The managed infrastructure "e-Reisen" is an online booking tool that allows BBG's customers to organise their travel planning including flight booking, hotel reservation and rental car reservation.

  • The system evaluates a best-buy-recommendation that the user can easily select instead comparing offers manually.
  • Travel arrangements can be administrated in the system on organisational level and are compulsive for booking (e.g. only economy class is allowed).
  • Sophisticated easy search and professional search
  • "All in one" booking tool for public authorities

Facts & figures about e-Reisen

  • 1700 users
  • 46000 tickets per year
  • Reduction of business-class-tickets from 50% to 5%